Other INQUA Commissions
INQUA has five Commissions that help promote communication and research; TERPRO is one of those commissions.

Note: Underlined Commissions have their own web pages. Click title to connect.

President: Dr Craig Sloss (Australia)
e-mail: c.sloss@qut.edu.au
President: Prof Atte Korhola (Finland)
e-mail: atte.korhola@helsinki.fi
President: Nicki Whitehouse (UK)
e- mail: n.whitehouse@qub.ac.uk
President: Prof Mauro Coltorti (Italy)
e-mail: mauro.coltorti@unisi.it

Recently, the INQUA Early Career Researcher Committee was created. To contact, please click on: https://www.facebook.com/INQUAECR
To access to the INQUA ECR Commission blog, please click on: http://inqua.org/blog/