Focus Area Groups

TERPRO included a few focus area groups and a skill enhancement initiative, which form the main vehicle for achieving the objectives of the commission:

1 - IFG 1616F: G@GPS: Groundwater and Global Palaeoclimate Signals (Jianyao Chen, CHINA; Dioni I. Cendón, AUSTRALIA; Rein Vaikmäe, ESTONIA; Najiba Chkir Ben Jemâa, TUNISIE; Jason Gurdak, USA; Sylvi Haldorsen, NORWAY; Roland Purtschert, SWITZERLAND, Martine J. van der Ploeg, THE NETHERLANDS and Marcela Perez, ARGENTINA). Contact:

2 - IFG 1617F: GEODUST: GEOmorphology of DUST sources and dynamics of dust emission from different geomorphic units (Onn Crouvi, ISRAEL and Andrea Zerboni, ITALY). Contact:

3 -
IFG 1618F: EGSHaz: Earthquake Geology and Seismic Hazards (Ioannis Papanikolaou, GREECE; Petra Stepancíková, CZECH REPUBLIC; Christoph Grützner, UK; Beau Whitney, AUSTRALIA; Yael Braun, ISRAEL and Jakub Stemberg, CZECH REPUBLIC). Contact:

- IFG 1621F: QUASAP: Kinds and Rates of soil-forming processes reflected in Quaternary soils and paleosols and their use as palaeoenvironmental archives (Daniela Sauer, GERMANY; Sergey Sedov, MEXICO; Denis Dahms, USA; Markus Egli, SWITZERLAND; Fabio Scarciglia, ITALY; Pauline Da Costa, TOGO and Mike Akaegbobi, NIGERIA. Contact:

5 - IFG 1622F: HEX: Palaeohydrology and fluvial archives - extreme and critical events (Jürgen Herget, GERMANY and Alessandro Fontan, ITALY). Contact: